Things Puppy will Need

Obedience Class


Travel Carrier/Car Seat

Crate and/or Play Yard

Food and Water Dishes

Comfortable Bedding

Potty Tray & Potty Pads

Harness & Leash

Low calorie treats

Toys: Get a variety including puzzles for learning, chew toys for teething, teeth cleaning toys, toys to comfort, toys to pull

Grooming Supplies:

Puppy shampoo, conditioner, eye cleaner, ear cleaner, nail clippers or grinder, towels, slicker brush, pin brush, boar bristle brush, deshedding brush, wide tooth comb, rat tail comb, flea comb, dematting comb, cotton balls

Animal Poison Control 888-426-4435

Check out the website to read about poison household products and poisonous plants.  Eductae yourself now so you will never need the emergency number.

Use the card you have in your take home folder (like below). Scan the code on your card or type in the web address on the card.  Alexa puppies are microchipped before leaving and the information you gave us is how your pet was initially registered.


Order Code: 538788

Click below for more information on how a support animal can be extremely beneficial to those dealing with a cancer diagnosis

Support animals can have physical, mental, and emotional benefits