Hayley x Lucas

Mom - Hayley

Dad - Luke




Hayley and Luke both weight about 7 lbs and both are chocolate-coated liver. If you're looking for a light-weight Shih Tzu companion with an awesome temperament and a beautiful chocolate coat, this is your pair.

Hayley has produced some gorgeous puppies giving them her irresistible eyes and her fun-loving temperament. Luke has sired several litters of puppies producing all shades of coat color with his liver nose and contributing to their smaller size.

We are teaming up with Luke's family to produce this litter of puppies that we know will give us everything we want in a small sized Chocolate Colored Shih Tzu. The wait list is open.  If you would like more information on this pair or want to join our Wish List in order to be among the first to know when we're expecting, please email Renee, renee@alekashihtzu.com.