Bayou Hayley

Meet our little Hayley Bear!

Hayley has a gorgeous chocolate coat and weighs about 7 1/2 lbs. Her best friends are Nik and Cami.  Hayley doesn't mind being the only dog, but she makes an exception for her two best friends.  She likes to eat but can be a little picky once in a while.  We call her the yard monitor because she waits for everyone else to go potty before she will go herself.  Her favorite toy is a Kong Halloween bat with a squeaker.  If you throw it Hayley will excitedly race after it and bring it back to you to throw again.  She will play this game for as long as your arm will last.  One very unique thing about Hayley; she will fall asleep during grooming.  She will sit still during the water part and she is very unimpressed with the hair dryer, but man does she enjoy a good combing!  She was born in Tennessee but calls Texas home. 

Here are some of my babies