Caroline x Lucas

Cara & Luke puppies should be small to average in size, around 10lbs, in a variety of colors including:.  

Parti colors of Blue, Liver, Lavender, Red, and Black

Caroline Miss Mystic Falls
Ben's Little Lucas "Luke"
She is blue pigmented red and white also known as Rose Blue.  He is Red Liver.  Cara & Luke's DNA show that they can have a wide variety of colors.  Most will be part white (like mom) and some solids.  Colors can include Blue & White, Liver & White, Black & White, Red & White, Lavendar & White. Reds, Blues, Blacks, Livers, and Lvendars.  Cara is 11 lbs.  Luke is 8 lbs.
Puppies are expected in Spring of 2024.  Join a Waitlist now!