Caroline x Lucas

Born January 20th

Cara & Luke welcome 2 girls and 2 boys.  They should be small to average in size, around 10lbs or less, Girl Red, Girl Lavender, Boy Blue & White, Boy Red & White

Caroline Miss Mystic Falls
Ben's Little Lucas "Luke"
She is blue pigmented red and white also known as Rose Blue.  He is Red Liver.  Cara & Luke produced 4 more precious puppies to bring joy to those families they joined.  One puppy, Olive, was selected to an approved breeding home and will carry on the family line.  Fig (Blue & White), Cashew (Red Liver and White) and Miss Plum (Lavender & White) were selected by families looking for a loving pet.  Cara is now retired from breeding after giving us 2 litters of gorgeous puppies.  Please enjoy these puppy pictures.

Welcome Litter of Four!

Past Puppies from Cara & Luke.




My new Home is in Lubbock and I can't wait to meet my new parents.

My name will be Lola and I will live in New Braunfels with 4 human big  brothers!.

I am going to be a service dog for a service dog.  There is a 3 year old Shih Tzu who will be my big brother and best friend in Corpus Christi. Love, Cashew


Miss Plum