Cajun Praline Camille

Camille, also known as Cami, Cam Cam and Cams, is a spunky little girl.  She is not very needy and loves a good time.  She loves everyone but is not clingy and does not try very hard to make you love her back.  She is just happy-go- lucky.  She tries really hard to bark sometimes but it usually comes out like a cough.  When she has puppies, she also coughs them into the world.  Little Cami weighs about 7.5 - 8 lbs but really enjoys over eating, So, its a good thing she has a momma that cares enough to measure her food.  There's nothing wrong with a little treat once in a while though.  Cami has the most beautiful puppies and is a beauty herself! Cami will officially retire in 2025.  If you are interested in adopting Cami please email us:

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